Currently Watching; The Great Seducer (위대한 유혹자)

Provocative & Seductive.

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan), Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae), and Choi Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young) come from privilege and are best friends. One day Soo Ji gets humiliated by a man and wants revenge. Next Shi Hyun and Soo Ji’s parents announce that they’re getting married. The two are devastated and  make a bet: if Shi Hyun can make a Eun Tae Hee (Joy) fall in love with him and then break her heart by leaving her, Soo Ji will agree to marrying Shi Hyun. Who will win the game when everyone’s emotions become more complicated than intended?

“Do you know what the best revenge is? It’s taking the most cherished treasure from that person. When people are robbed of their treasures, they learn how to take revenge without even realizing.”

Shi Hyun is the grandson to JK Group. He has lost his mother and drifted apart from his father. The only family he sees he has are his friends Se Joo and Soo Ji. He loves seducing women and often makes a game of it. He leaves women behind broken-hearted and moves onto the next one, but in his heart he keeps Soo Ji.

Se Joo may even be more of a playboy than Shi Hyun. He loves sleeping around and appreciates beautiful women. Like Shi Hyun, Se Joo can melt the heart of any woman he wants.

Soo Ji is the queen bee in their group. She is smart and beautiful and loves to get what she wants.

“They’re cool because they’re crazy.”

Together this trio is even worse than separate. Their combined skills of brains and seduction combined with their desire to manipulate and get what they want make them the queen and kings of their own universe. They’re cold-hearted towards everyone else and desperate in their misery.

Shi Hyun and Soo Ji can’t stand their parents getting married. Shi Hyun has had feeling for Soo Ji for a while and Soo Ji is not cold towards Shi Hyun either. Their balanced relationship becomes threatened by the marriage between their parents. To prove his feelings towards Soo Ji, Shi Hyun agrees to seducing the first love of the man who offended Soo Ji.

Eun Tae Hee is a hard-working girl and the first love in question. She receives a scholarship for her school but has problems with her parents so she works part-time to support herself. She is beautiful but doesn’t have interest in dating.

Eun Tae Hee proves to be more difficult target that Shi Hyun and Soo Ji expected her to be. Together they plan how to make her fall for Shi Hyun but his reputation and her repulsion towards usual pick up lines such as defending her from a pervert or faking “fate” by meeting her many times don’t help their case.

I don’t know whether to call The Great Seducer original and addicting or just another take on the popular boy-regular girl -cliché.

I love the dark seductive mystique this drama has going for it and the dangerous trio is quickly stealing my heart. What I don’t love about this drama, is that it’s kind of obvious that Shi Hyun is going to fall for Tae Hee really. I hope that it’s not going to be because she doesn’t take or fall for his playboy act. At the same time, I know that this is going to cause some major friction between Shi Hyun, Se Joo and Soo Ji and I’m not looking forward to that. Can’t this drama just end with Shi Hyun and Soo Ji getting together after  Tae Hee gets her heart-broken?

“People who yearn for love end up unhappy.”

The acting in this drama is good, even from Joy (at least so far) towards who I had most doubts and all the actors are gorgeous. The Great Seducer is provocative and seductive without a doubt. It manages to grip its innocent watcher to its enticing world but still makes me unsure about the future: it has qualities to be great but also ingredients of a disaster.

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