Queen of Mystery 2 (추리의 여왕2) Review

This is a review and contains minor spoilers. Read my Currently Watching article here.


Chemistry is more than alive between Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) and Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee), but the biggest mysteries are yet to be solved. Is Ha Yeon Soo alive and who plotted her death? What happened to Seol Ok’s parents? Are Seol Ok and Wan Seung a match made in heaven and can they admit to their feelings?

Mystery Queen Season 2 answered almost all our questions but the elusive Chief Kim is still on the loose. The budding romance between Seol Ok and Wan Seung that was so promising in the first half of the drama kind of faded into the background. Still, their chemistry, teasing and spark was there.

Also in the second half of the drama the mysteries became not so much as mysteries, but more like stories with the answer being right there and still we had to circle around it for a couple of episodes. Sigh. This was frustrating and unlike Mystery Queen…

The final episode and the capture of Wan Seung could have been explored more but 16 episodes is not a lot of time for a story if you don’t use it right in every episode. Now, the final moments promise us a third season in a very similar way to the first season.

All we can do is hope that once again Seol Ok and Wan Seung will return and the ring will finally find its owner! I for sure will still be waiting and watching if and when that day arrives.

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