My Mister (나의 아저씨) Review

This is a review and contains some minor spoilers. Find my Currently Watching article here.


My opinion of My Mister didn’t really change from when I wrote my CW. The above bright and happy poster doesn’t really depict the drama at all. My Mister was similar to my feelings on a bad day: dark, depressing and sometimes making you want to cry.

Park Dong Hoon; “Reality is hell. Do you think that this is heaven?”

I liked the characters in this drama and their stories, the only one I didn’t really understand was the side story of Jung Hee and her ex monk boyfriend. Yoon Hee (Dong Hoon’s wife) was one character I really just could not understand. She was so cold and cruel towards Dong Hoon yet somehow they’re still married. Why on earth?

Now My Mister didn’t have the character or story line development I hoped it would have. I feel like in the ending nothing really changed a lot. Just because Lee Ji An (IU) or Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) moved on in their careers doesn’t in any way mean that they’re more happy. This was in my opinion proved when Dong Hoon was crying in the last episode alone at home. He was alone and not happy even when his life changed.

Another interesting question is whether Dong Hoon and Ji An actually liked each other or not. I’m not disappointed that My Mister didn’t have romance in it nor that the two didn’t end up together.

Lee Ji An; “I really want you to be happy ahjussi.”

I still hoped that we would’ve gotten a little more of them though. I don’t think they were just friends, co-workers or lovers. They were constantly in the gray area and with more time I think that they will get together.

Park Dong Hoon; “Just watch. Watch and see just how happily I live my life. None of this is a big deal.”


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