We Are Gamily (伪婚男女)



Wu Gang (Gary Tang) has been dating Sam (Andrew Chau) for many years but due to the pressure from society and his parents to get married he finds a lesbian woman, Yang Duo (Helen Huang) with the same problem to marry. They try to live out their separate lives but as their mothers’ get more involved in their lives they find it difficult to keep up the act and live their lives.

We Are Gamily has a similar plot and feeling as Two Weddings and a Funeral, but We Are Gamily is better. It’s funny yet manages to show the different view points of different generations and people. Life is not simple, especially if you don’t fit into the mold society expects you to fill.

Even though this small series (about 2 hour’s in length) doesn’t have the flare of a long drama, it was light and fun with heart warming couples.


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