Currently Watching; Sachiiro no One Room (幸色のワンルーム)



One day Sachi (Yamada Anna) gets tired of her life where her parents abuse her and she is bullied at school. She tries to kill herself but is stopped by a man (Shuhei Uesugi). He then kidnaps her but Sachi couldn’t be happier: she’s finally with someone who loves her.

Sachi is only 14 years old but her life has made her older than her years. Being abused by her parents and bullied has also left her emotionless. She isn’t afraid nor happy before she meets her kidnapper.

Sachi; “Let’s play a game. A game where we two have to run away from my parents and the police. If we manage to escape I’ll get married to you. — If we don’t, we’ll die together.”

She’s content since now there is someone out in the world who loves her. The attention she receives from her kidnapper makes her over the moon and she decides to stay with him.

Our kidnapper covers his walls with the pictures he took of Sachi secretly. He doesn’t seem to want to hurt her; he wants to make her happy. He hides his face from everyone but promises to do his best that he doesn’t get caught and the two can get married.

Sachiiro no One Room works with a peculiar premise and certainly manages to catch the attention of its watcher. Both the kidnapper and Sachi are damaged but it seems that together, despite their lack of feelings, they can feel complete and happy.

With only one episode in, this drama has impressed me with its story. Hopefully the deeper we get into the story, it will only get better with Sachi and her kidnappers’ relationship gets more intense.


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