What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (김비서가 왜 그럴까) Review



What was wrong with What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Nothing. It remained a sweet and funny rom com until the end.

This is so me!

With entertaining characters (both main and second leads and other couples) What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? was always enjoyable to watch. Although I didn’t care for the past secrets and Yeong Joon’s brother’s meddling I still liked watching the drama.

As always, I give credit for consistent characters. For example Yeong Joon didn’t suddenly change his egotistical ways: he remained self-absorbed but after falling for Kim Mi So he took her opinions into consideration in his decisions.

In the end What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim gets a thumbs up from me with its sweet boss-secretary romance where the couple actually stays together and doesn’t break up just for the sake of it.

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