Bits & Pieces of History; Mister Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) {Episode 11}

I am back! I was on vacation in Korea for a month and I did intend to update this blog while I was there but I just got swept away. I’m sorry.

But for now just a short update as Mr. Sunshine is starting to stand on the more fictional side and as this particular subject is not my expertise.

Russo-Japanese War

King Gojong is seen discussing the possibility of war between Japan and Russia. There was a war between the nations in the 20th century. Japan went on to win this war.

It is also worth mentioning that on occasions we see Japanese and British diplomats addressing the king and agreeing: this is because in 1902 Britain and Japan agreed on the Anglo-Japanese alliance (which only ended in the 1920s) where Britain acknowledged Japan’s special interests in Korea and that it may take action to protect its interests.

*This war is also mentioned in episode 12

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