Bits & Pieces of History; Mister Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) {Episode 20}


Lee Wan Ik Yong

Now Lee Wan Ik has met his demise. From the beginning his character was obviously modeled after Lee Wan Yong, who is known as the greatest traitor in Korean history. Lee Wan Yong was the Korean Prime Minister who signed the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty. In real life though he wasn’t assassinated (it was tried but it didn’t succeed).

If I may make further deductions, I think his death was inspired by the assassination of Ito Hirobumi (although he was assassinated at a train station). There by Ae Sin is a elevated to have been inspired by a ‘hero’ and martyr who assassinated Hirobumi, An Junggeun.

Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty Pt.2

As I explained in History Bits for episode 18 this treaty made Korea a part of Japan.

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