Bits & Pieces of History; Mister Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) {Episode 24}


Frederick Arthur McKenzie

Frederick Arthur McKenzie was a foreign correspondent who spent time in Joseon and wrote several books about the Japanese occupation there.

The picture above is a re-enactment from a real picture he took of the Righteous Army.


The Righteous Army and Ae Sin are seen leaving Joseon to Manchuria. Several freedom fighters did escape Joseon to Manchuria and some continued their fight there.

Japanese Interrogation Tactics

For someone arrested by the Japanese, especially for political prisoners like Hui Seong in this scene, it was not uncommon for the Japanese to use violence and torture as an interrogation method. These methods varied from beating to burning and everything in between. Sometimes this lasted till death.


This marks the end of Mr. Sunshine and my History Bits for this series. There is so much more interesting history in this drama and about the occupation period and Korea after it but unfortunately Mr. Sunshine (and I) can’t cover everything. Perhaps we will see more dramas about this hard but fascinating time.

Thank you for reading History Bits!

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