Halloween KDrama Playlist


It’s the scariest time of the year again. I’ve already done movies and music videos so now it’s time for some chilling dramas. These are my personal favorites and also one that I’m hoping one day will be my favorite, if I get brave enough to watch it!

The Master’s Sun (주군의 태양)

This pearl of a drama is from 2013 but it never gets old. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin are a perfect couple. Gong Hyo Jin is Tae Gong Shil, a woman who can see ghosts and So Ji Sub a CEO whose touch makes those ghosts disappear. This drama is perfect for those who want some lite scares with burning romance.

I Remember You / Hello Monster (너를 기억해)

This drama too was perfect. A psychopath, Lee Joon Young is on the loose. Years ago Lee Hyun’s (Seo In Guk) brother disappeared alongside with Lee Joon Young. Now he partners up with a detective (Jang Na Ra) to catch this serial killer who has managed to avoid getting caught for decades. But he’s closer than Lee Hyun thought.


Now where the above two offer romance and a thrill for the chase with excellent psychopaths, this last recommendation gave me some trouble. I wanted to pick different kind of dramas that would still fit a Halloween theme and thus this last one has to be scary. So I picked the scariest one I could think of but unfortunately as I am completely unable to watch horror I haven’t been even able to finish this drama. So here it is, the one that is too scary for me to watch;

The Guest (손: The Guest)

A powerful demon called Son is on the loose on Earth making people kill. A priest (Kim Jae Wook), a detective (Jung Eun Chae) and a psychic’s son (Kim Dong Wook) who all have lost something to the demon start to chase it.

Now I don’t like recommending things I haven’t seen but this, if anything, fits Halloween. When I saw the trailer for this I really, really wanted to watch this but in the end the drama was too scary!! Watch this at your own risk 😀

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


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