Player (플레이어) Review

This is a review and contains minor spoilers. Read more about the plot in my Currently Watching article.


Player was great entertainment to the end. The quartet was excellent and the drama intriguing up to the last seconds, and would’ve been interesting for even longer. I have nothing bad to say about Player.

Player had a great structure with its episodes. Every case was connected to the main plot line and together with the character development every episode brought new things. It was a great decision not to stretch this drama to 16 episodes; it worked perfect with the 14 episode it had and thus the plot was not repetitive.

I loved the characters and the chemistry this team had. Byung Min remained my favorite till the end, yet Ah Ryung was a great addition to the main cast; especially the oppa-dongsaeng relationship between them all was an arrow to my heart.

Why make this any longer? Everything clicked with Player and the ending was perfect as our bad boys and girl stayed true to their characters as hustlers.

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