Currently Watching; Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter / Gyeryong Fairytale (계룡선녀전)



During the Joseon dynasty a fairy (Moon Chae Won & Go Doo Shim) loses her clothes and wings while bathing. There she meets a woodcutter (Yoon Hyun Min), they get married and have kids. In the 21st century she has been waiting for him for 699 years. She sees Jung Yi Hyun and knows that he is her husband but he can’t remember her.

Sun Ok Nam has two forms. Her younger form is of a beautiful young woman, the other a cheery grandmother. She is a happy woman despite her long wait for her husband. She loves plants and coffee. She has been running a coffee shop in the mountains but follows Jung Yi Hyun to Seoul.

She has two kids from her marriage to Joseon Jung Yi Hyun; a daughter, Jeom Soon Yi (Kang Mi Na from Gugudan) who is half a celestial being and often in the form of a cat, and a son who has yet to hatch.

Jung Yi Hyun is a college biology professor who loves bugs and science. He is easily frightened and hates dirty things more than anything.

He suffers from insomnia but notices that after drinking coffee that Sun Ok Nam has made he falls asleep easily. After seeing her bathing in the same lake as the past him, he has consistently seen her as her young self.

Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) is Jung Yi Hyun’s teaching assistant. He also lives together with him. Kim Geum falls for Sun Ok Nam too.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter is a silly drama. It makes me smile but it also makes me roll my eyes but that is its charm. It makes you laugh without fail with its simple humor.

Sun Ok Nam is extremely blue-eyed, going around telling people that she is a fairy and reviving dead plants. Especially the special effects in this drama so far have been cringe worthy but the good acting and sweet story have so far made up for where Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter otherwise fall short.

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