The Negotiation (협상)

Ha Chae Yoon (Son Ye Jin) is called in for a mysterious hostage situation negotiation. She meets Min Tae Koo (Hyun Bin), a dangerous criminal and arms dealer, who has taken hostages. She needs to find out what he wants but every story has two sides.

First of all AMAZING. This is a movie of the year. Absolutely amazing acting which competes with the great plot and phenomenal plot twists.

This almost two hour ride was never boring. The story unravels layer after layer and reveals a touching story. Hyun Bin is definitively acting out the best production of his career. His words, actions, everything is at a balance that creates a mad man on the loose.

If I have one complaint, it is Son Ye Jin. To me she seemed stiff in her role. Where everything else was working together in the movie to create an addicting and wow creating film, she was paddling against the stream. Thankfully Hyun Bin swooped in and saved the day.

I cannot oversell or over compliment this movie. I just want to go and watch it again straight away. The Negotiation is everything you want from a movie.

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