Best OST Songs From 2018

Although my list of best dramas for this year is not as long as before this OST list was hard to compile. There have been so many great songs in OST’s this year and here are the best.

One song per drama and some honorable mentions.

Loco & U Seungeun – Star (별)

Memories of the Alhambra OST

Nam Hye Seung & Park Sang Hee – Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) Viola: Richard Yongjae O’Neill

Mr. Sunshine OST

This drama had other good OST songs too but this theme song with an amazing violin captured my heart. Another strong contester for this spot was O3ohn’s Shine Your Star.

Ko Woo Rim – One Million Roses (백만송이 장미)

My Mister OST

This is a great song. It narrowly beat out Sondia’s Adult.

Son Seung Yeon & Black Nine – 그림자

Bad Detective / Less than Evil OST

I don’t unfortunately know this song’s official English name (literal translation would be Shadow) but it is amazing. The combo of female and male voice always works.

Lee Seung Chul – Painful Love (사랑은 아프다)

Misty OST

I love this song ❤ It is so sad yet so beautiful.

Dok2 ft. Jinsil – Player (플레이어)

Player OST

Sandeul – Other World

Bad Guys: Vile City OST

Lee Raon ft. Lee Seung Yeon – Easy for You

That Man Oh Soo OST

A great song that gets stuck on your head easily.

Kim Min Seung – One Day

Terius Behind Me OST

Almost annoyingly cheerful but still so good.

Samuel – Thousand Times

Cross OST

Some Honorable mentions

So Hyang – Only My Heart Knows (가슴만 알죠), The Hymn of Death OST
Jang Jae In – Again, Return OST
Lyn & HanHae – Love, Are You Human? OST
Jimin & Yuna & Yoo Hwe Seung – If You Were Me (니가 나라면), Hwayugi OST
Joy & Mark – Dream Me (나라는 꿈), The Ghost Detective OST
Gaho – Not over (끝이 아니길), The Last Empress OST
Wheesung (Realslow) – Reasons for Waiting (내가 기다리는), The Ghost Detective OST
Raina – Home, Your Honor OST
Yeseo – I Hear You, Voice 2 OST
Ohyeok – Golden, Goat Bad Papa OST
LeeSA – Save me, Let Me Introduce Her OST
Jeong Sewoon – It`s you, (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim OST
Sandeul – Here I Am, Lovely Horribly OST

Don’t forget to check out the lists for past years 2016 and 2017!


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