Kpop Top 50 (2018)

It was near impossible to make a list with only 50 songs but I did it! I had to cut some great songs but here it is, the top 50, with a few highlights.

Like usual the OST songs have a complete list of their own and the songs are not in any special order.

Last Year I had a debut of the year, but this year I have songs of the year.

My top 3 songs for this year were definitely…

Seungri – Where R U From

Mino – Fiancé (아낙네)

Big Bang – Flower Road (꽃 길)

I played these all on repeat the whole year!

2018 Top 3 Albums are…

3. Bigflo – Emphas!ze

Upside Down and Your Friend are such great songs that I can’t get enough of them no matter how many times I listen to them.

2. Wheesung – In Space

Wheesung’s voice is pure heaven and these songs were great.

1.Seungri – The Great Seungri

This album had no bad songs. Seungri’s voice and humor shine through and make this a great album and on his concert tour I was lucky enough to enjoy too.

Now to the actual list!

You can view the list straight from YouTube through this link.


Don’t forget to check out my lists from past years:

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