Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) Review

This is a review and contains spoilers. Find my Currently Watching article here.

Well well, I came for the fangirl story and stayed for Kim Jae Wook. All in all Her Private Life is a very basic rom com, its plot twists and romance nothing new.

I was positively surprised that despite the ridiculous addition of Deok Mi’s never before seen brother and the drama between Ryan and Deok Mi’s mother, that the couple never broke up.

I was 100% sure that they would break up over the past and in the end get back together in the final minutes, kind of like what happened with Something in the Rain. To my surprise this didn’t happen. This does make me wonder why they were even added in to the drama as they were dealt with for about 10 minutes and not longer. Just give that time to Eun Gi or Cha Si An instead…

A good rom com but towards the end it was sad to see that Deok Mi’s fangirling got less and less attention. Her Private Life’s draw to me was always Kim Jae Wook and Deok Mi’s fangirling, without those this drama is just another drop in the rom com drama sea.

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