Currently Watching; Angel’s Last Mission: Love (단, 하나의 사랑)

Lee Yeon Seo (Shun Hye Sun) was once a world famous prima ballerina. After an accident on stage made her lose her sight she isolated herself to her mansion where she lived with the help of her staff. Bitter and sad, she pushes everyone away until an angel, Kim Dan (L from Infinite) is given the mission to make her find love in 100 days or he will cease to exist.

Lee Yeon Seo may be rich but she is cold and angry at the world. As a child she became an orphan and after her accident the only one remaining at her side is her butler. After a car accident she receives a transplant from her butler and regains her sight but is left alone.

Her emotional scars still leave her trapped to her house but through meeting Kim Dan she begins to heal.

Kim Dan is a rebel angel. He bends rules and ultimately receives his last mission to make Lee Yeon Seo fall in love or he will turn to dust after he saves her life. He enters her house and becomes her new butler but their personalities clash.

Kim Dan refuses to listen and please Lee Yeon Seo’s every whim. They fight and forgive each other. Can Kim Dan fulfill his mission of making Lee Yeon Seo find love in Ji Kang Woo (Lee Dong Gun) or will she find love in someone else?

I have mixed feelings about Angel’s Last Mission. Although the characters and story seem to be well thought through, and well acted too, something bugs me.

I think its obvious that Kim Dan and Lee Yeon Seo will fall in love but I think maybe my issue is the extra family drama added. Being a rich heiress Lee Yeon Seo of course has a substantial fortune to her name. Her ballet organization is now run by her extremely evil aunt (Do Ji Won). She doesn’t shy away from anything evil, be it bullying, shaming or murdering people to keep her power.

Angel’s Last Love has great plot qualities yet some that I find repetitive and unnecessary (read her evil aunt). I think Angel’s Last Love will fail to offer anything new, but we’ll have to wait and see how the relationships and plot will develop.

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