Currently Watching; My Fellow Citizens! (국민 여러분!)

Yang Jung Kook (Siwon from Suju) is a career con man. After Park Hoo Ja (Kim Min Jung), a gangster chaebol threatens him and his wife, he runs to become a member of the national assembly. Yang Jung Kook made a big score and decided to retire quietly with his girlfriend. However she runs away … More Currently Watching; My Fellow Citizens! (국민 여러분!)

Currently Watching; Doctor Prisoner (닥터 프리즈너)

Na Yi Je (Nam Goong Min) is a top doctor at Taekang Hospital’s Emergency center. After a false malpractice charge he is sent to prison and his licence revoked. After his release he carefully plans his revenge on the people who ruined his career and becomes a doctor at a hospital to gain allies, become … More Currently Watching; Doctor Prisoner (닥터 프리즈너)

Burning (버닝)

Lee Jong Soo (Yoo Ah In) meets Shin Hae Mi (Jeon Jong Seo) on the street. They spend more time together and he falls for her. After returning from a trip she has found another man, Ben (Steven Yeun). Ben seems to be young and successful but as Shin Hae Mi disappears Lee Jong Soo … More Burning (버닝)

Currently Watching; Love in Sadness (슬플때 사랑한다)

On the surface Kang In Wook (Ryu Soo Young) and Yoon Ma Ri (Park Han Byul) have a perfect life. They’re wealthy, young and in love. Behind the scenes Kang In Wook is an abusive and controlling man, who refuses to let Yoon Ma Ri escape him. Seo Jung Won (Ji Hyun Woo) and Joo … More Currently Watching; Love in Sadness (슬플때 사랑한다)