My Teacher / Sensei! Is It Ok for Me to Love You? (先生!好きになってもいいですか?)

Hibiki Shimada (Hirose Suzu) is a high school student who develops a crush on her teacher Kosaku Ito (Ikuta Toma). She tells him her feelings, but he is unable to reciprocate them due to being her teacher. However, she decides not to give up on him. My Teacher ended up being a cringey movie. The … More My Teacher / Sensei! Is It Ok for Me to Love You? (先生!好きになってもいいですか?)

The Kodai Family (Kodaike no Hitobito)

Kie Hirano’s (Ayase Haruka) hobby is day dreaming. One day her office gets a new employee from the esteemed Kodai family. Mitsumasa Kodai (Saito Takumi) and his siblings inherited more than just their blue eyes from their English grandmother: they’re telepathic. Mitsumasa falls for the day dreaming Kie but can she accept his talent? The … More The Kodai Family (Kodaike no Hitobito)

Hot Road

Kazuki (Nounen Rena) has trouble at home. While following a friend she meets Haruyama (Tosaka Hiroomi) a leader of a motorcycle gang. The two fall in love. I watched Hot Road on a whim but I don’t think I’m ever going to recover. The love story between its unlikely pair was real, touching, beautiful and … More Hot Road

Killers (Kirazu)

This movie contains violence, death and gore that are not suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised. Now that you have been warned let’s move on to the review. Nomura (Kazuki Kitamura) is a psychopathic serial killer on the hunt for someone like him. He finds women, kills them and films their death. His free … More Killers (Kirazu)