The Kodai Family (Kodaike no Hitobito)

Kie Hirano’s (Ayase Haruka) hobby is day dreaming. One day her office gets a new employee from the esteemed Kodai family. Mitsumasa Kodai (Saito Takumi) and his siblings inherited more than just their blue eyes from their English grandmother: they’re telepathic. Mitsumasa falls for the day dreaming Kie but can she accept his talent? The … More The Kodai Family (Kodaike no Hitobito)

Hot Road

Kazuki (Nounen Rena) has trouble at home. While following a friend she meets Haruyama (Tosaka Hiroomi) a leader of a motorcycle gang. The two fall in love. I watched Hot Road on a whim but I don’t think I’m ever going to recover. The love story between this unlikely pair was real, touching, beautiful and … More Hot Road

Rurouni Kenshin

A former legendary assassin Kenshin Himura got tired of killing and became a vagrant. He vows to not kill again. When he meets Kaoru whose family owns a now run down kendo school. When a drug dealer threatens the calm town and Kaoru’s school, will Kenshin be able to keep his promise to not take … More Rurouni Kenshin

The Great Passage

“Can you define the word “love”?” Mitsuya Majime (Matsuda Ryuhei) is a quiet and reserved man who works as a salesman. His name means serious (and he is) but luckily for him it takes a serious man to make a dictionary. Now it is bestowed on to him to define the word “love”. Kaguya Hayashi (Miyazaki … More The Great Passage